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707 Station Platform
Atlas Model #707 Platform Shelter

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The Atlas Model #707 Platform Shelter makes an excellent companion piece for
the very popular Atlas Model #706 Passenger Station--ATLU0706. The contour and
dimensions of its roof and platform match exactly with the extended roof and
platform of the Passenger Station. For ages 8 and over.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: One Station Platform Kit (Unassembled)


Plastic styrene construction (Gray, Red, Green, and Dark Gray)
Parts are numbered for easy assembly (refer to instruction/diagram sheet)
Station platform is situated on a grey cement base. The roof sections fit
onto Gray columns with gabled ends. The kit also includes downspouts,
benches, light fixtures, a handcart, baggage wagon, and package scale.

REQUIRES: Plastic cement/glue, Modeling knife, and Tweezers