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HBZ2600 Firebird Commander 2

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Revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology™ (ACT) is unique to HobbyZone and ground breaking because there is no other technology on the market that accomplishes what ACT does. It makes learning to fly easier and safer than ever before.
A one-box purchase, which means that everything that’s needed to get flying comes in the box, including batteries for the proportional 2-channel transmitter
A ready-to-fly design that allows users to get in the air quickly. They simply need to attach the wing and landing gear, and install the rechargeable battery pack, to get flying
A powerful 380 motor that permits users to have great climb rate and power while flying their Firebird Commander 2
Two transmitter-selectable flight modes, with Anti-Crash Technology “on” or “off”, for pilots to select the level of control they feel is best given their flying skills
A detailed instruction manual and video CD that instructs consumers on the proper techniques and steps that need to be taken to get their Firebird Commander 2 in the air and flying safely
X-Port technology that allows pilots to use exciting plug-in accessories, such as the Sonic Combat Module™ to dog fight with other X-Port equipped planes, the Aerial Drop Module™ to drop bombs or a parachutist, or the Night Flight Module™
A soft, resilient rubber nose that cushions the force of impact and decreases damage if the pilot has a hard landing
A fully proportional 2-channel FM radio system, including batteries for the transmitter, that is offered in six frequencies
A rechargeable 6-cell 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH battery pack
An AC wall charger, with LED and timer, that charges your battery pack in three hours when it is completely discharged
Because ACT knows how the plane is oriented, HobbyZone's engineers can give the pilot more responsive controls, while also providing at the same time, better protection than previous systems.

Nothing as exciting as Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) has happened to entry-level radio-controlled planes since HobbyZone was introduced.

Here’s how it works:
Two sensors on the fuselage, one on the top and one on the bottom, monitor the position of the plane in relation to the ground. When the plane is flying level, the top sensor sees the sky while the bottom sensor sees the ground, and they tell the onboard computer (receiver) that the plane is flying correctly. If the plane enters a severe dive, the sensors detect the change in orientation and react to the danger that the plane is then in. The software in the receiver will then temporarily cut the motor, and correct the severe angle and pitch of the plane. This causes the nose to come up and pulls the plane out of the dive to help prevent the plane from crashing. The pilot is then able to regain control. If pilots are flying correctly and do not put the plane into a severe dive situation while ACT is engaged, they will have complete control of the plane’s flight pattern. Once users gain experience flying, they can turn ACT off.

Now, you can take advantage of this technological development by purchasing a Firebird Commander 2. This plane comes with everything that you need to teach yourself how to fly, including a battery pack for the plane, batteries for the transmitter, and an instructional video and manual. All of this, including the revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology, makes a price of less than $100 seem like a steal. And, with the ability to shut ACT off, it’s like you get two planes in one. You can learn to fly with ACT engaged, and then shut it off to fly more aggressively and to use X-Port modules, such as the Aerial Drop Module (HBZ6023), Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020) or the Night Flight Module (HBZ3510). Because flying at night is very difficult, you should be quite experienced before you attempt to use this module and the ACT software should be shut off. For more information about these exciting modules, please search for them at www.horizonhobby.com.

If you are new to RC flight, check out our new Blog, The Runway.

You will need...
Everything you need to get your Firebird Commander 2 in the air is included in the box!

Wing Span: 40.0 in/1020mm
Overall Length: 30.5 in/770mm
Flying Weight: 17 oz/480 g
Motor Size: 380 Power
Radio: FM 2-channel proportional
Trim Scheme Colors: white/blue/black
Recommended Battery: 6-cell 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH (included)
Approx. Assembly Time: 2 minutes and 40 minutes or less to charge the battery
Transmitter Range: 2500 ft.
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27 MHz
X-Port: Yes
Anti-Crash Technology: Yes
Charger: AC wall charger w/timer and LED
Landing Gear: Yes
Steering: Proportional

Parts Listing
Item ID Description Qty. Price
HBZ1012 7.2v 900mAh Batt:ZZR2,FBC,ABC,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ1058 Tx Antenna: HBZ/PKZ Birds/ZZR/ZZR2 1 Retail: $4.99
HBZ1059 Red Tx Ribbon: All HBZ Birds 1 Retail: $0.79
HBZ1060 Tx Battery Cvr:XL,FBC,ZZR,IIST,FC2 1 Retail: $2.49
HBZ1085 Motor Screws(5):XL,FTB,AER,FBC,FC2 1 Retail: $0.99
HBZ2004 Propeller:ABC,FC2,F-27(6 cell),FBF 1 Retail: $2.99
HBZ2010 2 Wing Hold-Down Rods w/Caps: FBXL 1 Retail: $1.49
HBZ2011 White Rubberbands (5):FBXL,FBC,FC2 1 Retail: $0.99
HBZ2012 Tail V-Brace (White):FBXL,FBC,FC2 1 Retail: $1.49
HBZ2013 Tail Screws,Wht(2):FBXL,FBC,ABC,FC2 1 Retail: $0.99
HBZ2016 Landing Gear:XL,FTB,AER,FBC,ABC,FC2 1 Retail: $3.99
HBZ2519 3 Hour Wall Charger w/timer: 6 cell 1 Retail: $9.99
HBZ2521 White Wing: FBC,FC2 1 Retail: $14.99
HBZ2610 Standard Decal Sheet: FC2 1 Retail: $4.99
HBZ2615 Instruction Manual: FC2 1 Retail: $0.99
HBZ2616 Instructional Video CD: FC2 1 Retail: $2.99
HBZ2618 Black Nose Piece: FC2 1 Retail: $1.69
HBZ2631 White Tail w/Accessories: FC2 1 Retail: $9.99
HBZ2661 Fuselage:CH 1,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ2662 Fuselage:CH 2,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ2663 Fuselage:CH 3,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ2664 Fuselage:CH 4,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ2665 Fuselage:Ch 5,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ2666 Fuselage:CH 6,26.995: FC2 1 Retail: $49.99
HBZ3351 Tx: CH 1: XL,ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ3352 Tx: CH 2:ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FTB,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ3353 Tx: CH 3: XL,ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ3354 Tx: CH 4:ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FTB,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ3355 Tx: CH 5:ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FTB,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ3356 Tx: CH 6: ZZR,FBC,IIST,ZZR2,FC2 1 Retail: $24.99
HBZ4060 Wing Shim, 1mm.: FTB, FBC, FC2 1 Retail: $0.99
HBZ6035 Tail Horn/Kpr(2):FBC,ABC,ABX,FBIIST 1 Retail: $0.89