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1060-00 Road hawg II 2.2
Pro-Line Road Hawgs Tires

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The Pro-Line Road Hawgs Tires are designed to be used with 1/10 scale Trucks.
They are designed to fit 2.2" rims.

Two Foam Inserts .

FEATURES: The tires are constructed of black rubber with a street paw
directional tread design.
The tires may be used on the front or rear of the truck. They may be
used on many surfaces, but work best on the road (hence the name.)
The foam is inserted inside the tire, once the rim has been
inserted the foam helps to keep the tire stable.

SPECS: Width: 2-1/4" Inside Diameter: 2-1/4"
Outside Diameter: 3-1/2"

COMMENTS: The customer will need to glue the tires to the rims. We Recommend
using a CA glue (medium works the best, as it gives you more time
to seat the tire on the rim.) You may also want to use an
accelerator to cure the glue once the tires are centered.
(use GPMR6008 for glue and GPMR6035 for activator)
These tires look a lot like the Goodyear "Aquatread" tires
for REAL cars, only much smaller, of course.