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1432 Super Shot Starter Set
Super Shot Military Model Rocket Starter Set

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This is the Super Shot Military Model Rocket Starter Set from Estes.
Recommended for ages 10 and older.

FEATURES: Includes engines and accessories for flight.
Create 2 different military model rockets.
Plastic molded cones and fins.
Sturdy multi-position launch pad.
Electron Beam launch controller.
Scale tactical range over 1 mile (1.6km).
Electrically ignited rocket engine provides rocket liftoff.
Rocket accelerates and gains altitude.
Rocket continues to climb during coast phase.
Model reaches peak altitude. Ejection charge activates recovery
system...recovery system is deployed and the model returns gently
to earth!
Simply replace the engine, igniter and recovery wadding to launch
This starter set includes the following items:
-(2) Military Model Rocket Kits
-(1) Porta-Pad II Launch Pad
-(1) Electron Beam Launch Controller
-(2) Model Rocket Engines with Igniters & Plugs (class 7.2.3)
-Recovery Wadding
-Full 1 Year Warranty
Parachute recovery system.
Complete instructions.
Items come in a reusable cardboard flight case with handle.
Estes model rocket engines are certified by the National Association
of Rocketry (NAR) to meet the performance standards of NFPA1125.

INCLUDES: One Super Shot Military Model Rocket Starter Set

REQUIRES: Assembly
4 AA Batteries
Glue (White or Yellow)
Plastic Model Cement

SPECS: Recommended Engines: A3-4T, A10-3T
Rocket Length: 11-1/4" (28.6cm)

COMMENTS: Must be 14 to purchase in California and New Jersey.
In Canada only: May not be sold to persons under 12 years of age.
This set has been designed specificaly for use only with Estes
products. Use of this product with any other brand-name rocket
product containing any defect or causing any damage may void the
Estes warranty.