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50634C Tack Cloth
Model Master Tack Cloth

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This is a Model Master Tack Cloth from Testors

FEATURES: Used to clean and prepare plastic, resin, metal and other models for
painting and decorating.
Picks up dust and other small particles - leaves surfaces clean and
Very useful for eliminating residue after sanding primers, putty, and
other fillers.
Comes in a carded package.

INCLUDES: One Tack Cloth

REQUIRES: No Requirements

COMMENTS: Always wash polystyrene parts in warm water and mild detergent
to remove mold release compounds, fingerprints and other
contamination before painting.
After sanding, use Tack Cloth either folded or wadded to remove
sanding residue.
When using, continually refold or rewad to find a clear area on the
Tack Cloth.