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A89586 F-Wulf TA183A
1/48 Scale Focke Wulf TA183A "Huckebein"

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This is a 1/48 Scale Focke Wulf TA183A "Huckebein" w/Kettenkraftrad
Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya.

FEATURES: Medium grey plastic pieces molded to sprue trees
Clear pieces for canopy included
Single seat cockpit
Recessed panel lines give authentic look
Detailed cockpit and landing gear
Detailed pictorial instructions
This kit contains extra decals for 4 more different aircraft:
1: Ta183A-1, JV44 Papagei Staffel, Early 1946 Jumo 004 Engine
2: Ta183A-1 OTL Erich Hartmann III./JG54 Winter, 1945
Jumo 004 Engine
3: Ta183B-1, 2nd Gruppo Caccia 5th Squadriglia Nicolo Magaldi,
Diavoli Rossi, Winter 1945 Henschel HeS 011 Engine
4: Ta183A-1, 224th Air Combat regiment, Hq Company, Home Islands
Defense, late 1945 Jumo 004 Engine

INCLUDES: One 1/48 Focke Wulf TA183A "Huckebein" w/Kettenkraftrad

REQUIRES: Assembly
Hobby Knife or Sprue Cutter
Water for Waterslide Decals
Paint Brushes
Pin Vise or Drill
Glue Tips or Toothpicks
Paint (RlM76 Light Blue, RLM83 Dark Green, RLM81 Brown Violet,
RLM26 Red, RLM White, Natural Metal, Japanese Army Olive
Green, Medium Blue, Japanese Army ID Orange)

SPECS: Scale: 1/48

COMMENTS: Also available with the decals just for the Focke-Wulf Ta183A
"Huckebein" w/Kettenkraftrad, order TAMS9586