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C3004 NASCAR Jimmie J
#C3004 - Chevrolet Impala NASCAR 2009

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#C3004 - Chevrolet Impala NASCAR 2009 J Johnson LOWES

Driver: Jimmie Johnson

High-quality build specification with expected high performance straight out of the box.

Digital Plug Ready chassis. Quick-change braid plate.
High detail. Magnatraction with alternate magnet positions for driver choice.
Digitalise your car in less than 60 seconds using the Scalextric Easyfit Digital Plug
Replace pick-ups in seconds Helps to hold the car on the track

Motor: Mabuchi SP; 18k rpm; Gear ratio 11:36
Chassis: Rear Mounted Sidewinder; Rear 2 wheel drive
MagnetRectangular 2.5 mm; Down-force 275 gm
Overall length160 mm
Wheelbase: 87 mm
Axle/Hub width: 59 mm Front; 59 mm Rear
Tire diameter/width: 21(ext), 12(int) x 9 mm Front; 21(ext), 12(int) x 9 mm Rear
Weights: Car 95 gm; Case 156 gm