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HCAS9025 1/24 1/25 Custom Case
1/24 - 1/25 Custom Case,

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This is a 1/24 - 1/25 Custom Case, Static Model Car or Truck Display Case.

This is a more than a "regular" display case, it is part of a Customizable
Display Case System for creating your own realistic and unique diorama.
This case is part of Hobbico's Model Maker Series.

FEATURES: The cover is made of durable, crystal-clear acrylic with locking
tabs that secure it to the molded black base for added protection.
The base has holes molded-in for mounting the model, and for easy
addition of the custom accessories and Power Module (not included).
Includes a full-color, printed scenery panel of rolling hills for the
back wall of the case, with double-sided tape pre-installed for
mounting. The base insert has the look of old asphalt for the
model to sit upon for a realistic-looking presentation.
Customize this display case with the Optional Model Maker
accessories such as Scenery Panels, Base Inserts, Highway Signs,
Gasoline Pump or Showroom Lights. (for details, see COMMENTS)
Easy to maintain, dust free display case.
The display case can be displayed alone or stacked on top of other
1/24-1/25 size Custom Cases for easy and attractive display of your
collectable die-cast or finished-masterpiece plastic models.

INCLUDES: One 1/24 - 1/25 Custom Case, Static Model Car or Truck Display Case
One Rolling Hills Scenery Panel w/double-sided tape for mounting
One Old Asphalt Base Insert
Four 4" coated wires for attaching the model to the base

REQUIRES: An 1/24 or 1/25 size static model for display.

SPECS: Length: 9.6" (243mm)
Width: 4.5" (113mm)
Height: 3.5" (90mm)

COMMENTS: 1/24 size models shown inside the case on the box are not included.
For the 1/18 size display case, use HCAS9000.
Optional 1/24 - 1/25 scale Model Maker accessories:
Background Scenery Panels of photo-realistic settings-
-HCAS9225 (3) Rural settings (mountain, barn, abandoned town)
-HCAS9228 (3) Yesteryear (all are of old buildings)
-HCAS9231 (3) City Scene (overlooking a city, skyline, park)
Base Inserts of photo-realistic surfaces-
-HCAS9325 (3) City Street (concrete, brick, new asphalt)
-HCAS9328 (3) Rural Road (gravel, dirt, dirt with grass)
-HCAS9331 (3) Showroom (black and white checkerboard base and
a mirror scenery panel
Highway Signs of traffic and route signs-
-HCAS9425 (5) Highway Signs with (24) decals such as STOP, SPEED
LIMIT 55, ROUTE 66, YIELD, and so on.
Lighted Gasoline Pump of a 50's style gas pump with hose-
-HCAS9525 Comes completely assembled and pre-finished in red with
white, silver and black detailing. Also is pre-wired
with connector that plugs into a Power Module.(see below
Floor and Show Lights have a functioning light bulb and are pre-
wired with a connector that plugs into a Power Module.(see below)
-HCAS9700 (2) Floor Lights mount into the floor under the model,
to accentuate the model from underneath.
-HCAS9750 (2) Show Lights mount above the floor and swivel to
achieve just the right angle.
Power Module for operating lights in the Gasoline Pump, Floor and
Show Lights. It requires (2) AAA size batteries.
-HCAS9800 Has an on/off switch and mounts under the display base.

Choking hazard, small parts are not for children under 3 years of age