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0803 Bandito Rocket

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Bandito is an E2X® Mini-Engine Flying Model Rocket from Estes®.
Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision.

FEATURES: A high-flying sport rocket.
Easy to assemble with slotted body tube, integrated engine
mount and pre-colored plastic parts.
Flies 600 feet in the air using Estes® mini-engines!
Parachute recovery (12").

INCLUDES: (1) Model Rocket

REQUIRES: Assembly
Carpenter's Glue (GPMR6160)
Plastic Model Cement (TESR1525)
Engines (1/4A3-3T, 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T, or A10-3T)
Launch System
Launch Supplies

SPECS: Length: 11.2" (28.4cm)

COMMENTS: This rocket has been designed specifically for use only with Estes
products. Use of this product with any other brand-name rocket
product containing any defect or causing any damage may void the
Estes® warranty.