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LK951 Rock Face Learning Kit
Create Realistic Rock Faces

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This You Can Do It Learning Kit is the Economical Way in Learning How to
Create Realistic Rock Faces for Any Scale from Woodland Scenics.

FEATURES: Learning Kits are value-packed tools that help beginning model
railroaders learn how to use Woodland Scenics' scenery system.
Rock Faces Learning Kit teaches modelers to make and color realistic
rock formations.
Get started on casting, coloring, and mounting rock faces.
The following is included in this kit:
-Lightweight Hydrocal.
-Plaster Cloth.
-Rubber Strata Stone Mold.
-Pigments (Black, Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber).
-Foam Applicator.
-Flat Wood Stick.
Package is hangable.

INCLUDES: One Complete Landscaping Learning Kit

Separate Containers

COMMENTS: To learn more detailed and advanced techniques, see Woodland Scenics
books, videos, and other Learning Kits.