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BLH2700 Blade Scout Heli
Blade Scout CX RTF 3-Ch Heli

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Engineered by experts in RC helicopter performance
Advanced 2.4GHz radio control lets multiple helis fly at the same time
Computerized Piezo gyro for superb directional control and stability
Proportional rotor head servo for smooth, precise control response
Replacement parts available to keep your Scout CX flying like new


The amazing Blade Scout CX may only weigh a little over half an ounce (17 grams) but it will have you flying circles around other helis like it. State-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics make it all possible. And itís so easy to fly, youíll be able to do it even if youíve never flown before.

Tech Notes
You will need...

Nothing! Everything you need to get in the air is included in the box, including four AA batteries for the transmitter.

Type: Coaxial Electric Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 6.50 in (165mm)
Gross Weight: 0.60 oz (17 g)
Length: 6.30 in (160mm)
Main Gear Ratio: 7.86:1
Rotor Blade Length: 3.00 in (76mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Indoor
Is Assembly Required: No

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Parts Listing

Item ID Description Qty. Price
BLH2712 Top Rotor Head, Inner Driveshaft/Gear, Washers (2) 1 Retail: $7.99
BLH2716 Swashplate with (2 ea.) Pushrods 1 Retail: $9.99
BLH2717 Lower Rotor Head, Outer Shaft/Gear, Washers (3) 1 Retail: $4.99
BLH2719 Stabilizer Flybar Set: Scout CX 1 Retail: $4.99
BLH2720 Lower Main Blade Set (1 pair): Scout CX 1 Retail: $2.99
BLH2721 Upper Main Blade Set (1 pair): Scout CX 1 Retail: $2.99
BLH2722 Landing Skid with Battery Mount: Scout CX 1 Retail: $3.69
BLH2723 Tail Boom and Fin Assembly: Scout CX 1 Retail: $3.69
BLH2724 Main Frame Flight Module: Scout CX 1 Retail: $42.99
BLH2727 Canopy with Grommets: Scout CX 1 Retail: $8.99
EFLB0701S 70mAh 1S 3.7V 14C LiPo Battery 1 Retail: $4.99
EFLRT324 3-CH2.4GHZ TX W/BUILT-IN LIPOCHG 1 Retail: $32.99