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HBZ4900 Champ RTF
Champ RTF

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Teach yourself to fly in your own backyard with the 3-channel HobbyZone® Champ RTF. With its compact size, durable construction, and gentle flight characteristics, the Champ takes the stress out of teaching yourself to fly.

Retail: $119.99

Product Number: HBZ4900

Everything you need to Teach Yourself to Fly in one box- even the batteries
Completely assembled and flight-ready
2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM® technology
Scale wing rib detail and steerable tail wheel
1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery and DC Li-Po charger included
Detailed instruction manual with flying tips included

Teach yourself to fly RC airplanes in style with this exciting recreation of Aeronca’s beloved tail wheel airplane. Its small size and lightweight, durable construction let you fly with confidence in spaces as small as your own backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control you could be flying it like a pro in no time even if you’ve never flown an RC airplane before.

The HobbyZone® Champ is also equipped with the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™ advantage: The Champ’s radio system uses the same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that is trusted by experienced RC pilots all around the world. With DSM2 technology you will enjoy complete freedom from signal interference whenever you fly. And after you teach yourself to fly, you can use the Champ’s transmitter to fly some of the Bind-N-Fly ultra micro aircraft from ParkZone and Blade. Visit bindnfly.com to see which ones.

Tech Notes
You will need...

Nothing! Everything is included in the box.

Wingspan: 20.3 in (517mm)
Overall Length: 14.3 in (365mm)
Flying Weight: 1.3 oz (38g)
Radio: 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum DSM 2; 3 channel receiver and aircraft
Trim Scheme Colors: Yellow with orange trim
CG (center of gravity): Approximately 28mm from leading edge of the main wing
Prop Size: 130 x 70mm
Recommended Battery: 3.7V 1S 150mAh LiPo (included)
Charger: DC 3.7V LiPo charger (included)
Landing Gear: Fixed main with steerable tail wheel

Parts Listing

Item ID Description Qty. Price
EFL9051 Prop w/ Spinner(2): 130mm x 70mm 1 Retail: $4.99
EFL9054 Prop Shaft with Gear (2): UMX 4Site 1 Retail: $4.99
EFLB1501S 150mAh 1-Cell 3.7V 12C LiPo 1 Retail: $9.99
HBZ4901 Propeller with Spinner(130 x 70): Champ 1 Retail: $2.99
HBZ4904 Propeller Shaft: Champ 1 Retail: $2.99
HBZ4913 Decal Sheet: Champ 1 Retail: $3.99
HBZ4918 Main Landing Gear Set: Champ 1 Retail: $5.99
HBZ4920 Main Wing: Champ 1 Retail: $11.99
HBZ4921 Pushrods with Accessories: Champ 2 Retail: $4.99
HBZ4929 Gearbox (No Motor): Champ, UM T-28 1 Retail: $6.99
HBZ4930 Gearbox with Motor: Champ 1 Retail: $15.99
HBZ4931 Complete Tail: Champ 1 Retail: $7.99
HBZ4952 Fuselage with Electronics: Champ 1 Retail: $62.99
HBZ4967 Bare Fuselage: Champ 1 Retail: $11.99
PKZ3341 Transmitter, 2.4GHz with Spektrum DSM2: Vapor 1 Retail: $49.99
PKZ3351 Receiver/ESC, DSM2: Vapor, Champ 1 Retail: $59.99
PKZ3507 Tail Wheel: Sukhoi, UM P-51, Champ 1 Retail: $3.99