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30-90314 Prr Water Tower #193
#193 Industrial Water Tower

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Product Line: Roadname: Pennsylvania Shipping Date: Shipped #193 Industrial Water Tower - Pennsylvania Product Number: 30-90314 M.S.R.P. $ 69.95 First appeared in: 2009 RTR Catalog M.T.H. offers a variety of O scale buildings that will help you create whatever kind of model railroad world you desire; rural or urban, nostalgic or modern.

Fully assembled and ready-to-use, M.T.H. accessories will transform your layout into a world of action in just minutes.

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Limited Edition Adult Collectible-This licensed product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by individuals of legal purchase age for alcohol beverages.
•Stamped Metal Construction
•Intricately Detailed ABS Construction
•Fully Assembled
•Fully Painted
•Flashing Beacon Light
•Unit Measures:6 x 6 x 14 3/4