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30-2451-3 PRR E8 B Unpwd
E-8 B-Unit Diesel Engine (Non-Powered)

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Original MSRP $69.95
CB 2004 Volume II

E-8 B-Unit Diesel Engine - PRR Car # 5706 B
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The E-8 was one of most popular of the E-series locomotives built by EMD in the early `50s. The 6,750 h.p. E-8 A-B-A arrangement was known for pulling passenger trains on most major express routes at speeds up to 100 mph. This streamlined beauty was one of the last locomotives to sport the Bulldog nose look that EMD popularized a decade earlier.

Owners of RailKing E-8 AA sets may want to expand their consist with a B-Unit or two. Each of these non-powered B-Units feature die-cast metal trucks with metal wheels and axles for a smooth rolling ride and a great looking consist.