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14 Atlas HO King Size Track Pl
HO King-Size Plan Book

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Update and revised into a handy, easy-to-follow format, this advanced layout
instruction book will help you create your railroad empire. This book offers
you six interesting layout plans in various shapes and sizes, geared toward the
experienced model railroader who is willing to put in a lot of time and
creativity in producing a railroad which will last for years and years.

INCLUDES: One book, "HO King-Size Plan Book"

For levels 2&3
Six layouts with four jumbo 11"x17" plans
Each plan is designed for a (2) train operation and is drawn in a big 2" to
the foot scale
Railroads that feature "cookie-cutter" construction
Detailed instructions for layout construction, scenery and more
Complete list of all Atlas products needed for each layout
Complete wiring instructions and guidelines
Detailed drawings and layouts