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30-74152 KDKA BOx Car #2
30-74152 KDKA Boxcar #2 – 1930s

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KDKA Radio Series Returns

At 6:00pm, on Tuesday, November 2, 1920, a few men in a shack changed the course of history. Four pioneers, announcer Leo Rosenberg, engineer William Thomas, telephone line operator John Frazier and standby R.S. McClelland, made their way to a makeshift studio - - actually a shack atop the Westinghouse "K" Building in East Pittsburgh - - flipped a switch and began reporting election returns in the Harding vs. Cox Presidential race. At that moment, KDKA became the pioneer broadcasting station of the world.
From the makeshift shack, KDKA grew into studios in Pittsburgh's William Penn Hotel, the Westinghouse building in East Pittsburgh, the Grant Building, and in 1956, KDKA Radio moved to the newly-constructed Gateway Center - where KDKA Radio and TV are still today.

The oldest and perhaps the most famous radio station in the world, KDKA Radio took part in the first trans-continental broadcast on March 7, 1924, broadcast the first major league baseball game, and aired the shocking news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and John F. Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King’s assassinations. In September of 2001, KDKA offered listeners "wall-to-wall" coverage of the attacks on America - and provided the KDKA airwaves to listeners who felt the need to talk about this terrible act.

MTH Trains is proud to offer the second, limited-edition boxcar commemorating the world’s first and most historic radio station, KDKA. Colorfully decorated and featuring historic images of KDKA and its 1930’s era logo, this uncataloged car is a must for all Western Pennsylvania train and radio fans alike. Sports fans in Pittsburgh will enjoy a picture of the Pirates first full-time radio announcer, Rosey Rowswell and his signature home run call of “Open the window Aunt Minnie, ‘cause here it comes.”

The KDKA boxcar is available this holiday season through any of the participating Pittsburgh Model Railroad Cooperative Train Retailers. Simply click on the photo to find the participating MTH-RailKing retailer and add this special Pittsburgh area car to your collection. Please order quickly, the first KDKA Collectors car was a fast sell-out and production will be limited