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11312 RMS Titanic
Titanic Ship

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This is a 1/350 plastic replica of the White Star Line Royal Mail Steamer
Titanic Ship made by Minicraft. It's for experienced modelers.

This is the largest model of the Titanic currently available in injection
molded plastic. Titanic sailed on her first and final voyage from Southampton,
England on April 10, 1912. At 11:40pm on Sunday, April 14, she struck an ice-
berg in the North Atlantic and sank in two hours and forty minutes. Of the 2200
people on board, 705 were rescued, setting the stage for sweeping changes in
the way ships at sea were operated.

FEATURES: This is a 1/350 scale kit for advanced modellers.
Hull is a single piece with molded in black plastic with plate,
rivet and porthole detail.
Visible areas of 3 uppermost decks (boat deck, promenade deck
and A deck) are recreated in detail.
Exposed deck areas are fully recreated in miniature including:
ventilators, lifeboats and davits, bollards and anchor
chain, railings, cargo cranes aft docking bridge, wheelhouse,
compass platform, crows nest, and funnels.
Propellers and anchors are molded in plastic w/gold colored plating.
Thread is included for rigging and funnel support wires.
Plastic display base is included.
Comprehensive instruction booklet which provides assembly and
painting information, a list of references, deck plans and an
application for membership in the Titanic Historical Society.
Contains several hundred parts for assembly.

INCLUDES: One 1/350 Replica of the Famous White Star Titanic Ship

REQUIRES: Paint: Black, White, Dull Red, Wood Tan, Dk Brown, Grey
Paint Brushes
Hobby Knife
Plastic Cement
Medium CA Glue
Nice-to-have tools: Needle file set, sprue cutter (see XURON),
airbrush and accessories

SPECS: Scale: 1/350
Length: 76.8cm
Beam: 7.8cm

COMMENTS: This is not a beginner kit because of the large number of small
parts and the level of detail.