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3014 E-Maxx Speed Control

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This is the EVX Speed Control for the Traxxas E-Maxx By Novak for Traxxas.
This can also be used on any dual motor monster truck kit.

FEATURES: Orange Case with Purple Anodized Heatsink fins.
Two battery leads w/Tamiya style connectors.
Two motor leads w/bullet style connectors.
One-Touch setup
RPC (Radio Priority Circuitry) to maintain steering control even
after battery has discharged.
PDC (Polar Drive Circuitry) for cooler operation.
Reverse disable circuitry for forward only operation.
Has three user-selectable throttle profiles:
Profile #1: Forward with brakes and reverse: Novaks' smart braking
circuitry brings the model to a slow speed before engaging reverse
to save your vehicles gearbox and reduce speed control heating.
Forward and reverse are proportional.
Profile #2: Forward only with Brakes: Novaks' reverse disable
circuitry locks out reverse for forward only or racing use. Brakes
are enabled.
Profile #3: Forward with 25% reverse and brakes: for applications
where reduced speed in the reverse direction is desirable

INCLUDES: One EVX speed control w/ motor and battery leads
Six .01uf (50V) ceramic capacitors


SPECS: Input Voltage: 12 cells (14.4V)
Case Width: 1.75"
Case Depth: 2.17"
Case Height: .085"
Weight: 3.5 ounces
Motor Limit: 19-27 Turns
On-Resistance: (F).006 ohms (R).006 ohms
Rated Current: (F)160 amps (R)160 amps
Braking Current: 320 amps
Continous Current: 30 amps
Reverse Delay: Zero Seconds
BEC Voltage: 5 Volts
BEC Current: 1.5 amps
Power Wire: 14G/ 9"
Input Harness: 26G/ 9"
Switch Harness: 26G/ 6"
Transistor Type: Hyperfet III
PWM Frequency: 1000 Hertz
Protection: Thermal Shutdown

COMMENTS: If cooling fan kit is needed, order NOVC5646