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2002 B17G Flying Fortress
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

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Build the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress US Air Force World War II Bomber
with this Giant Scale Balsa Construction Kit from Guillow's.
Scale Model for Adult Collectors.

FEATURES: This scale model is a replica of hte B-17G mural on the wall at the
Smithsonian Institution.
Balsa model designed to be flown with twin .049 engines (not
included) as a U-Control or build it for exhibit and show purposes.
Rugged landing gear.
Sturdy wing/fuselage interlock.
Build it with either movable or unmovable flying surfaces.
Retractable tailwheel.
Removable wing panels.
Full color decals to decorate the mode like the dramatic B-17G
"Thunderbird" depicted in the giant mural at the National Air and
Space Museum.
Movable ailerons, elevators, and rudder.
New style reference and frame assembly plans.
Over 300 die-cut balsa parts.
65 vacuum formed plastic parts including chin and belly turrets,
tail, cheek and waist gun ports, nacelle cowls and covers, dummy
engines, and wing fillets.
Plastic wheels.
Formed main gear struts.
Cheyenne and regular tail gun.
Silkspan covering tissue.
A generous amount of balsa strip stock.
Clay for balancing the model.
Accurate scale plan and illustrated assembly instructions.

INCLUDES: One B-17G Flying Fortress Airplane

REQUIRES: Assembly
Workboard (10" x 33")
Instant Glue
Plastic Balsa Fillet Material
Saran Wrap
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Wood Plane
Hand Saw (Fine Tooth, Single Edge)
Triangle or Square Blocks
Hand Drill & Bits
Flat Enamel & Enamel Thinner
Refer to Instructions for Other Needed Tools

SPECS: Scale: 1/28 (7/16" = 1'-0")
Wingspan: 45" (114.30cm)

COMMENTS: Motors and radio equipment are not furnished in the kit.
Assembling the U-Control mechanism is not recommended for beginners.