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D500Sr Comp w/Regulator
D500SR Compressor with Regulator from Paasche.

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This is the D500SR Compressor with Regulator from Paasche.

FEATURES: Air compressor with switch and regulator
Features 2.6 CFM (free air)
Economical and suitable for all airbrushes spraying properly thinned
Capable of delivering 35-40 psi maximum pressure
This is an oil-less diaphragm compressor
Comes with a grounded six foot long 3-wire cord
Operates on 115V, 1 phase, 60 cycle, 1/10 horsepower, 3A
and delivers .5 cfm at 20 psi.
Regulator w/gauge will regulate up to 30 psi depending on usage
(intermittent or constant) and size of airbrush being used.

INCLUDES: One D500SR Compressor with Regulator

REQUIRES: Power Source

SPECS: Horsepower: 1/10
CFM: 2.6
psi: 35-40

COMMENTS: Not CSA approved or UL listed

BOX DIMENSIONS: 7.75" W. X 5.88" H. X 10.75" L.