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80430 Shock Piston Hvy/Med
RPM 2-stage shock pistons

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This is a set of RPM 2-stage shock pistons for use with all stock Associated
or Losi shock shafts.
Can also be used on heavier vehicles such as the
Traxxas Stampede, T-Maxx and E-Maxx.

FEATURES:*These 2-stage pistons work at two different rates. They allow the
shock to move with full dampening in one direction and move at a
quicker and lighter dampening when the direction changes.
*They can be flipped either direction to have the heavier dampening
in either the up or down travel.
*Two piece pistons
*Color coded for easy identification
Red - medium-heavy dampening
Green - heavy dampening
Purple - heaviest dampening
Fits the Traxxas Ultra and Big Bore shocks (some sanding with a fine
grit sandpaper is required for fitting into the Big Bore shock)

INCLUDES: four sets of each - red, green, purple pistons

COMMENTS: Use #RPMC8042 for light to medium pistons