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99053 Whiff

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Whiff is a cheery, little tank engine with a very special job: he collects rubbish! He has a look and smell all his own! Whiff doesn't care too much about appearance. He's splodgy green and brown: the result of being patched up and painted over without attention to detail or colour charts.
He frequently puffs round the Island festooned with bits of rubbish that get stuck on his engine, as he biffs and bashes. None of this matters to Whiff. What matters to Whiff is getting his job done and getting it done well. He loves collecting rubbish and doesn't notice the turned up noses he passes along the way. You can't help but like Whiff. He's a little engine with a big heart. And really, really useful!

Vehicle includes a character card explaining the unique personality and job on Sodor. Vehicles aid in developing fine motor skills, color identification and counting skills.