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801 Sopwith Camel 28in
"Sopwith Camel" British World War I Fighter

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Build the "Sopwith Camel" British World War I Fighter with this
1" Scale Balsa Construction Kit from Guillow's.
Scale Model For Adult Collector.

FEATURES: Authentic scale airplane specifically designed for the U-Control
circle or display event.
Contest quality.
Top grade materials!
The fuselage is large enough to take simple R/C equipment (no
diagrams or instrucitons included or available).
Detailed scale propeller.
Flexible landing gear.
Twin machine guns and pilot figure.
Movable ailerons.
Movable tail surfaces.
Scale plastic wheels.
Detailed plastic cowl and cockpit deck.
Covering tissue.
Complete set of decals.
Can be flown with one of three different power sources:
-Rubber Power (contents included)
-.049 Gas Engine (information only included)
-.049 to .15 U-Control (material included)
All bulding materials needed for U-Control installation, including a
Guillow designed control handle.
Clay provided to balance the model.
Clear precise plans and step-by-step instructions.

INCLUDES: One "Sopwith Camel" Airplane

REQUIRES: Assembly
White Glue
Common Pins
Hobby Knife
Refer to Instructions for Other Needed Tools

SPECS: Wingspan: 28" (71.12cm)
Scale: 1" = 1'-0"

COMMENTS: Motors and radio equipment are not furnished in the kit.