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8184 2.2 Rear Holeshot Tire
Pro-Line Pro-184 2.2" Buggy Hole Shot LP

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This is the Pro-Line Pro-184 2.2" Buggy Hole Shot LP
Tires M3 Compound and White Foam Inserts.

FEATURES: Super Soft, Super Sticky, Extremely High Traction M3 Compound
Square, Micro Pins with Flat Tips
Low Flex Sidewall
Recommended for Hard Packed Slick, "Blue Groove" Track Conditions
Will fit on Any Rear 2.2" Buggy (not monster truck) Rims

INCLUDES: Two 2.2" Rear Holeshot LP Tires
Two White Donut Foam Inserts
One Pro-Line Decal

SPECS: Inside Diameter: 2.2" Outside Diameter: 3-1/4"
Width: 1.7" where wheel mounts to (1-13/16" overall)

REQUIRES: Gluing Tires to the 2.2" Buggy Wheels

COMMENTS: The sidewall says "PRO-LINE", "PRO-184", "HOLE-SHOT LP" and
"2.2 x 1.70"