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902 O-1E Bird Dog
Cessna O-IE Bird-Dog

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Build a Scale Rubber Powered Cessna O-IE Bird-Dog South Vietnam "FAC"
Plane (Forward Air Control) with this Balsa Construction Kit from Guillow's.
Scale Model Suitable for Ages 10 and Older.

The Bird Dog gained fame as a "FAC" airplane (forward air controller) in
the South Vietnam war where it was very effective in spotting and directing
fire against the enemy Viet Cong forces.

FEATURES: A rubber powered model for indoor or outdoor flying.
Top quality, precision-cut balsa wood and "razor sharp" die-cut
balsa parts.
Built light, it's a great flyer with ample wing area and effective
rubber motor/propeller combination.
Cleanly formed plastic nose cowl.
Rubber motor band.
Plastic wheels.
Ample covering tissue.
Molded plastic propeller.
Wire for landing gear.
Large sheet of insignia.
Acetate sheet for window areas.
Accurate scale plan and illustrated assembly instructions.

INCLUDES: One Cessna O-IE Bird-Dog Model.

REQUIRES: Assembly
White Glue
Common Pins
Hobby Knife
Refer to Instructions for Other Needed Tools

SPECS: Wingspan: 18" (45.7cm)